What is BEaM

Building Etiquette and Manners is an etiquette program that works with children and adults to develop character, confidence, and social skills for everyday life.


For Children:


BEaM is a learning experience that builds upon your child’s existing social skills, etiquette, and manners one step at a time to improve upon their behavior. 


BEaM 1 - ages 5-7

BEaM 2 - ages 8-12


For Teenagers:


BEaM provides teenagers with the necessary foundation for growing into a more dynamic person with engaging social and life skills.


BEaM 3 - ages 13-17


For Adults:


BEaM offers a refresher course for adults, whether the goal is to prepare for job interviews or to have more grace and sophistication and revisit chivalry in social situations.


BEaM Ladies - ages 18 and up

BEaM Gentlemen - ages 18 and up


Small Businesses:


BEaM coaches professionals on dining and business etiquette, including body language, listening skills, and dressing to succeed.