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Frequently Asked Questions

In today’s every changing society, it’s not unusual to wonder if old-fashioned etiquette is simply that – old-fashioned – and not in keeping with a world more accustomed to a text messaged than a hand-written thank you note.


At Building Etiquette and Manners, we believe that preserving these traditions is essential to a civilized society. We want to live in a world where it’s expected that people are kind to one another, where no one lifts a fork until everyone has been served, and where “please” and “thank you” flow freely.


We answer common etiquette questions from our classes and post the answers on our website. Please contact us [link to Contact Us page] if you would like BEaM to answer a question about etiquette as the world changes.

Question: Is BEaM offering online classes?

Answer: Absolutely! BEaM will be offering virtual class experiences through Video Conferencing platforms. Please inquire about our monthly classes.


Question: I am ten years old. My mother insists that I write out thank you cards to all of my relatives every time they give me a present, even after Christmas when everyone is getting presents. I tell her I’m the only kid in school who has to do this, but she won’t listen. Who’s right?


Answer: There are some things that are proper, even if they are not popular. The custom of writing a note of thanks after you receive a gift shows that you appreciate the thought that your family members put into choosing something just for you. Not only is your mother correct, I hope that this is a practice that you never outgrow.  


Question: I’m about to graduate from college and I’m already dreading the lunch interview. I am a particularly fussy eater. What do I do if a potential employer chooses a place that doesn’t have anything that I can eat?


Answer: This can be a challenge. If you have a food allergy or dietary restrictions – you are a vegetarian, for example – it’s appropriate to check with the waiter to make sure that the food is prepared in a way that will be acceptable. If it’s that you happen not to like a certain cuisine, you risk offending your host. It’s a good idea to do some research into basic dishes at various types of ethnic restaurants so you can be prepared to concentrate on making a good

first impression.


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